• Mirroring and integration in the car: A look at MirrorLink and CarPlay

    Introduction: In the ever-advancing world of automotive technology, in-car connectivity and smartphone integration have become critical features for drivers. Two leading solutions in this area are MirrorLink and CarPlay. In this blog, we will take an in-depth look at the features, benefits and differences of MirrorLink and CarPlay and provide an overview of their developments so far. MirrorLink: The Pumpkin open source project Basics:...
  • Improve Your Driving Experience with Aftermarket Car Stereos: A Comprehensive Guide

    Improve Your Driving Experience with Aftermarket Car Stereos: A Comprehensive Guide
    In today's fast-paced world, our cars are more than just a means of transportation; they are our personal sanctuaries, our entertainment centers and our connection portals. Aftermarket car stereos have evolved to meet these needs and offer a variety of features to enhance your driving experience. Upgrading your car's radio system can redefine your driving experience by providing you with convenience, entertainment and connectivity....
  • The Sound of Sustainability: Car Radio Systems in Electric Vehicles"

    With the automotive industry rapidly evolving towards sustainability and environmental friendliness, electric vehicles (EVs) have become the symbol of future transportation. EVs are known for their reduced environmental impact, lower operating costs and advanced technology. But what about the car radio system? Do electric cars need them? In this blog we will take a closer look at the role of car radio systems in...
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