General warranty policy en offers 18 months warranty for our PUMPKIN products, including technical support and repair service, which are free during the warranty period.

The car radio warranty is 18 months and begins on the day the package is shipped.

PUMPKIN will continue to provide technical support even though the products are no longer under warranty.

Exceptions to the guarantee

This warranty policy is only valid for items ordered from . The warranty will be void if buyers update the firmware without permission, open the device themselves to repair it, or operate it in an unconventional manner. Man-made damage, accidental breakage, misuse and wear and tear are not covered by the warranty.

Exceptions do not mean that we will not offer you help. If your items purchased from are accidentally damaged, we can repair the problem at your expense (including shipping and repair costs). If a product defect occurs, simply contact us before initiating any complaints with Paypal or your credit card provider. Normally there is a chance for us to solve your problem and meet your satisfaction! customer service differs in terms of purchase time and delivery location.

NOTE: Buyers must return the package within 15 days of receiving the RAM number. If you don't do this, it will be assumed that you are silently accepting your problem. If you later report the issue to us again, we will count all warranty items from the newly reported date.

Shipped from a Pumpkin specified warehouse, e.g. B. from the DE warehouse

1. Return or exchange within 30 days due to poor product quality or incorrect delivery:
  • Refund within 7 days: Buyers must return the device as agreed (RMA). We will refund the purchase price in full upon receipt and after checking the condition of the package.
  • Exchange within 7 days: Buyers must return the device as agreed (RMA). Once we have checked the condition of the package, we will deliver a new device. We will send the replacement device at our expense.
  • Return or exchange within 30 days but outside 7 days: After package verification, we will refund the total amount of the original order or deliver a replacement device as agreed. For an exchange, we will send the replacement device at our expense.
  • Within 30 days since the device was delivered: If it is a small error, to save your time, we recommend keeping the device. We would like to offer a corresponding discount.
2. Refund or exchange within 30 days without quality defect:

  • In these circumstances, buyers must cover return shipping costs.
  • Note: Buyers can place a new order before returning the old device. After we receive the old device, we will refund the purchase price within 24 hours, the shipping costs and handover fee will not be refunded.

3. Outside 30 days but within 18 months:

  • We accept repairs for all problems. Buyers must pay shipping costs and RMA with our customer service before returning the device. We repair the device for free, but artificially created damage or problems caused by rooting the device, or installing an unknown and insecure firmware/MCU are excluded.
  • additions
  • The tax paid by the recipient will not be refunded or compensated.
  • The costs for installation and problem testing by another person will not be reimbursed.
  • No refunds for any downloadable software programs.

4. The returned items remain in their original packaging and accessories. We do not accept returns with missing accessories. In these circumstances we are entitled to refuse a refund or refund less the relevant costs. We will take photos as proof when the package is delivered to us. Must be in original condition

5. If buyers want to return the package, they must first request an RMA number from us. If the return violates the rules of RMA, we have the right to refuse the package and send it back at your expense.
  • 7 days - starts from the day the recipient signs for the package.
  • 30 days - starts from the day the recipient signs for the package.
  • 365 days - starts from the day the package is shipped.
6. How to identify whether it is a quality problem
PUMPKIN will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all packages before shipping, including features, accessories, conditions, etc.

If anything suspicious occurs during installation or use, please contact us. Some pictures or videos about the problem are very helpful for our technical staff.

If no pictures or videos of the problem are provided, or if our technicians cannot determine the cause, buyers should return the item to us. PUMPKIN will conduct a review. If the report is true, the case is treated as a quality issue. If the problem does not appear during our inspection, it is actually due to the misuse or improper environment, etc. It is not considered a quality problem.

PUMPKIN provides a video or some pictures for your reference for the packages that have no quality problems.

For packages without quality problems, we accept a refund or exchange as usual.

7. Definition of a defective delivery

There are some objective reasons for slight difference in appearance, such as: B. Photo technology, light, random update of the device from the factory, etc. These are not considered as defective delivery. If the device has more functions than expected, it is not a defective delivery. If there are some subtle differences between the description in the manual and the product itself, but the device has the same functions as described on the website, it also does not belong to defective delivery. This type of problem is probably due to the manual not being updated in a timely manner. The descriptions on the website serve as the only standard.

If buyers specify the color or some special features when purchasing, but received a different device, PUMPKIN is to blame. If buyers don't specify colors or functions, we will send the package randomly. In this case it will not be considered a defective delivery.

If some expected features are not available and buyers did not ask questions about them before purchasing, this is not within the scope of defective delivery.

8. Compensation for shipping costs

All packages should be sent through the local post office. Buyers should send the receipt to PUMPKIN after return. PUMPKIN is entitled to pay the final compensation in the amount indicated on the receipt and the market quotations of the postal service of different countries.

9. If new taxes are imposed during the RMA process, the recipient is responsible.
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