Android Radio PX6

PX6: Rockchip PX6 64-bit high-performance processor. (Dual-core A72 + Quad-core - A53 CPU structure)

PX5: Octa-core processor, high quality

PX6 runs faster than PX5

I installed this 7 inch double din Android 10 car radio in a 2005 Ford Ranger. The installation wasn't bad, but I had to cut out more of my dash. I had previously cut some out for the deck that was here before. Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. That could just be because my truck is old too.

As for the device itself, everything is great. It is very responsive. I've seen some reviews from people saying they're responsive, but the video suggests otherwise. This is very snappy with this new PX6 CPU .

AM/FM works great. I use Spotify Premium and download my music so I always have it. This has worked perfectly so far. I also downloaded a large area around me into Google Maps, even though I normally use my phone as a hotspot.

Torque connects quickly and works well with my obd2 connection. I see a report talking about how this doesn't work. It's possible that I happen to have the correct OBD2 connector type. I know there are some that say they may not work on Android head units.

I also have all 3 USB connections running under my dash. It runs my charger and dashcam without any issues.

So far, after about a week, I have been VERY happy with my purchase. I was worried because at that point there was only one review with no written reviews.

Now for the bad stuff.

There's actually nothing bad, just something different.

My biggest complaint/wish is that the music controls can always be on the screen. When I have higher torque I have to switch apps back to Spotify or the radio to change anything. With Google Maps and Waze they have a Spotify interface that helps a bit.

My other gripe is that you don't seem to be able to customize the widgets on the home page. It has the clock and radio controls, which are nice, but I can't move them or even place the Spotify widget on the device. It's not a big deal and only takes a minute to get used to.

Overall, I would definitely buy this again. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an Android deck.

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