Best Touchscreen GPS Navi DAB+ Car Radio - AA0719B

Are you looking for a car radio that is compatible with your dashboard? Additionally, you specifically need the remote screen functionality. Below are some descriptions of the various features you will receive in the mail.

Features of the remote control screen GPS car radio
In fact, your biggest feature craving is the remote screen functionality, you won't be disappointed. Android Auto and Carplay's Mirrorlink feature provides this functionality via Apple Carplay. To do this, they use the Wifi protocol and transmit exactly the screen of your mobile phone or other device to the screen of your car radio. Therefore, you can use the applications available on the dashboard.

Advantages of this type of car radio
easy installation
In fact, these car stereos are among the least difficult to install and configure. All you need is an extraction kit to remove your old car radio. Then all you need to do is connect the new one, thanks to the included cables and antenna. Additionally, this type of car stereo will not damage your vehicle's battery.

operating system
This car radio is currently following the development of technology. Its operating system is therefore equipped with the latest generation of Android 11 with remarkable fluidity. In fact, it is a machine with 1.6 GHz RAM, Quad Core PX30 processor, 32 GB of internal capacity... Plus, they can support many of the apps you need while driving, such as phone apps and messaging apps like WhatsApp , Delivery boy. ...even music apps like YouTube... Plus, they can support external hard drive connections up to 1TB.

navigation system
Most new car radios include a GPS navigation system. For devices that need to update offline maps frequently, this Android car navigation can use Google Maps online, which can always update location information. Also, no special configuration is required, you just need to turn on your device and GPS will work automatically.

However, this type of GPS in no way prevents the installation of other navigation applications such as TomTom, Waze or Google Maps. In addition, some devices may have a dual zone function that allows you to open multimedia content at the same time as GPS navigation.


Bluetooth car radios allow you to connect your cell phone to the car system. From here you can access your phone and messaging system by communicating with your contacts. The car radio automatically accesses your contacts for greater convenience.

Thanks to wireless connectivity and Bluetooth, you can also listen to your favorite music via your apps and various multimedia content.

graphical interface
If your vehicle has controls on the steering wheel, you will have the exact same controls on your small screen when your car stereo is installed correctly. You can also adjust some settings according to your needs.

Internet connection
Today's car radios have built-in WiFi. So you can easily share your phone connection to surf the Internet directly from your car screen.

Otherwise, you can also use the connection (if available) via the USB port of the 4G/5G key.

Touch screen
The car radio has a 7-inch touchscreen that can be used as a second screen by projecting your phone. This touchscreen offers a very sharp Full HD resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, allowing you to watch 1080 Full HD videos.

This is an ideal high-end model with all kinds of connectivity, good sound quality and an impeccable interface. The device is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones that can access Mirrorlink and provide GPS functionality for your phone.

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