Currently surprised with Pumpkin Android device and customer support

pumpkin vw android car radio
I decided to contact to clarify some potential issues before purchasing. They were able to answer all my questions before purchasing, so I decided to give it a try.
I was happily surprised by the interface, functionality and build quality.
Onboard Google Maps is great, but requires a WiFi connection from my phone, which isn't a problem since the phone is in a wireless charging station.
Spotify works well over Bluetooth music, but I could just download the app if I wanted full functionality.
The Canbus interface is also great as the steering wheel interacts with the guidelines when reversing. Now I have ordered a rear view camera. The ignition stays on until I remove the key completely and the display shows which door is open (when I first installed the product the doors were opposite, but customer support walked me through the settings that needed to be changed.
Overall, it turned out to exceed expectations, as did the customer support before and after purchase.
The only problem I encountered was the antenna connection. It is a dual unit with both antennas connected to one port. It was easy for me to disassemble one of these drives and install another adapter since I had one on hand. I let support know If your factory unit has two separate antenna ports, you may want to contact the dealer to see if a plug and play means is available at the time of purchase.
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If you like the built-in DAB radio, please search for AA0584B and AA0577B in our shop
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