Pumpkin VW Radio is the best choice

The Volkswagen radio from Pumpkin is designed for VW original radio , the size corresponds to the original radio. It is usually installed in the Volkswagen Polo 6R Touran Golf 5 Golf 6 Tiguan T5 Passat. It's basically plug and play and seamless. Due to the errors of our respective measurement positions and measuring tools, customers often report that the size is different from their original car radio. If you encounter such a situation, please take a photo of your car's central control and send it to email autopumpkin@gmail.com for further assistance

Pumpkin's Volkswagen car radio is equipped with a Canbus box that can read vehicle data (such as doors, steering wheel controls, reversing radar, fuel tank and ignition). The display form of the reversing radar is different from the original radio. Our car radio can support the rear view camera with RCA interface. If your original car has an RGB interface camera, you need to buy an RGB adapter. Equipped with a Canbus box, the reverse-in line normally does not need to be connected separately.

If you receive the car radio, you can even set it up like a tablet

The car GPS navigation has a WiFi antenna that should be hidden in the glove compartment. If you don't want to use your phone's Wi-Fi as a hotspot permanently, you can download offline map data from the Universal Google App Market to use the navigation application without an internet connection.

If you use Spotify Premium, you can download the app from the radio and download songs and listen to your playlist offline.

As a reminder, we can recommend a 64GB micro SD card. Just plug it in and the radio will recognize it. Then you can expand the internal storage in this way.

There are still two open updates for the car radio in the Playstore. If you cannot install it, please check the "Security" item in the menu.
Click on the “Google Play System Update” item. My last update has expired. After the update I can do the update that I opened last time.

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