PX6 radio VS PX5 radio

PX6: Rockchip PX6 Rockchip RK 3399 64-bit high performance processor. (Dual-core A72 + quad-core - A53 CPU structure)

PX5 Rockchip RK 3368: Octa-core processor

PX6 runs faster than PX5

AM/FM works great. I use Spotify Premium and download my music so I always have it. This has worked perfectly so far. I also downloaded a large area around me onto Google Maps, even though I usually use my phone as a hotspot.

Torque connects quickly and works well with my obd2 connection. I see a report about this not working. It's possible that I happen to have the correct OBD2 connector type. I know there are some who say they may not work on Android head units.

I also ran all 3 USB ports under my dash. It works with my charger and my dashcam without any problems.

So far I have been VERY happy with my purchase after about a week. I was worried as there was only one review at the time with no reviews written.

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