How to use the Carplay function in the car radio

First, you need to make sure your aftermarket car stereo is Carplay ready. If you are unsure, check your car's navigation manual. Once you've determined that your car's navigation can use Carplay, you'll need to connect your iPhone or other device to the vehicle's system. Consult your wireless system manual or visit the manufacturer's website for instructions.

Once your device is connected to the car radio , Carplay will start automatically when you connect the device. The first time you open Carplay, you must accept the app's terms of use. After that, you will see the Carplay home screen where all compatible apps are displayed. You can then select the app you want to use and start using the Carplay feature.

Using Carplay is easy. You can control Carplay functions with your voice. Just say “Hey,” followed by commands like “call home” or “navigate to the nearest gas station.” You can also access the app by selecting the icon on the Carplay home screen. Most apps allow you to control music, answer calls, send and receive text messages, and even use some apps like Waze and Google Maps to get directions.

You can also access additional features and settings when using Carplay with an aftermarket car stereo. More detailed instructions can be found in the user manual or on the manufacturer's website.

Overall, Carplay makes it easy to stay connected on the go. With intuitive voice commands and easy access to your favorite apps, you can do more and stay safe while driving. Get the most out of your Carplay experience by accessing additional features and settings via your aftermarket car stereo.

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