Pumpkin BQ0258B-How to use the FM function of a portable CD player

Do you know how to use FM functions on portable CD players? Let us introduce and display a video for you.
1. If your car radio has an AUX socket, you can connect a portable CD player and a car radio with an AUX cable, see picture
Then your car radio plays CD music on your car.

2. If your car radio does not have an AUX socket, you need to tune in an FM signal.
a. Please open the CD player, the switch must be in the middle (on), if you play too hard, the CD player will be locked.

b. Long press the DIR button, then the screen will turn on or off. When it is off, please press the Prog button to open. (There cannot be too much time between these two processes)

c. The CD player can launch four frequencies, you need to select one frequency from 88.2, 88.5,105.1, 105.5, then to select the same frequency on your car stereo, your car stereo will play music from the CD player.

Note: In some countries the frequency is not used because it does not have the frequency in that region, for example the frequency in even numbers cannot be used in the USA.

Or this region has the same frequency as the CD player, it covers the frequency of the CD player.
You can get this video to use the FM function of the CD player

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