Customer review of Ford car radio

The super product is self-explanatory. This Pumpkin Ford car radio is replaced by the original Ford Focus 2011. Compared to my old radio, this is much better sound quality. The 7-inch display has a higher resolution of 1024 x 600 and the touch display responds properly and directly. The brightness of the screen is adjustable. The connection including the Canbus and steering wheel controls worked for me.

The Phonelink also works, for me I tapped the software version a few times in my phone settings. If you go back one screen, the developer setting will appear. Just enable USB debugging (Please make sure your USB port is connected to the device and the USB cable should be the original cable).

This car radio is plug and play, connection is quick and easy and operation is a breeze. You can organize it yourself. It does everything it should and GPS reception has worked without any problems so far. The radio has a USB port on the front with an additional cable and an additional one that you plug into the back of the radio which I then moved into the glove box so you can't see the cable and USB stick. I am satisfied with this product and it is worth it. Best regards

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