Install Pumpkin Radio AA0452H on my Opel Vectra C GTS 05

After a long time, I finally decided to buy the radio.
I drive an Opel Vectra C GTS 05.
The old standard radio served its purpose, but the radio reception was sometimes really bad, and using a Bluetooth transmitter to listen to music via Spotify was really a pain after a while, depending on the region where you were traveling, the reception was different So bad that I just turned the radio off because the constant hissing is just torture.
The radio was delivered quite quickly, even a day earlier than Amazon had originally planned. Then I went straight to removing the old radio. First removed the 4 Torx screws with a T8 screwdriver so that I could remove the radio from the radio slot using the pull-out brackets provided, then carefully removed all cables and loosely screwed the frame of the old radio with a T20 screwdriver and then removed it.
Then I plugged the specially ordered antenna adapter into the radio, screwed on the WiFi antenna and stuck it inside the car and then did the same thing again with the GPS antenna. Then I connected all the other cables and inserted the radio.
Then I pushed a 32GB SD card into the GPS card slot and a 128GB SD card into the SD slot.
Then I started the engine and the radio came on.
The first start took a while because everything had to be loaded first. The two memory cards were recognized immediately and I still had to assign which card should do what.
After setting it up, I turned off the engine and the radio turned off by itself. After starting the engine again, it started right up again and was ready to start very quickly.
I park about 10m from my house but I still have a very good WiFi signal to my home network. The connection via Bluetooth with my Galaxy Note 10 also works very well and all by itself.
The radio quality is a difference like day and night, so highly recommended.
I tested the quality via Bluetooth with Spotify and it was a whole lot better.
Navigation via the Google Maps app on the radio works really well and without any problems.
I had to relearn the steering wheel buttons, but that wasn't so crazy and you have a lot of different options that you can assign to the buttons, which I think is really good.
Overall, I'm very happy with my choice of radio. So I now have a great car radio with lots of functions that really work.
I highly recommend it.

Opel Vectra C car radio

Opel AA0452H

Updated Android 11 version AA0715H

Android 9.0 Opel car radio

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