I installed PUMPKIN AA0472B in a Jetta 7

I switched from a smaller Android radio to this one. The change was completely worth it.

The installation itself was done quickly because I was able to take the parts from the previous one. Luckily, there was no CanBus or suitable Quadlock plug included.

In addition, I treated myself to a Fakra to SMA connector so that I could use the vehicle GPS antenna.

A big point about the device is the huge display, which is completely removable. Thanks to the above attachment, the radio also fits in cars that require a completely new cover, such as the VW Sportsvan.
The only drawback is the display, which is extremely reflective. You can swivel and tilt the display, but it's not particularly advisable while driving.

I installed this in a Jetta 7 and just had to get a mounting frame to attach the radio.

The operation works without any problems and important data is also delivered to the radio via the CanBus. Thanks to the new CSN2 board, more information is received than with the MCTD.

The operation itself works no differently than with a cell phone. The performance is extremely fast thanks to 4GB and all applications start quickly. However, you have to get some apps outside the store because they are not compatible or do not work properly. Currently it mainly affects TomTom for me.

The steering wheel buttons also work without problems. However, it is advisable to disconnect a vehicle's internal Bluetooth module if you want to use the radio. Otherwise, when you press the button, the car's FSE will also start. Unfortunately a bit annoying but workable.

Since there is currently no ROM on offer, I use the FCC Launcher, which enables some of the device's functions to expand the range of settings.

I found various radios on the Internet that come with a matching cover and therefore offer better protection against theft than this device. However, I hope potential thieves know about this "China" device and save themselves the trouble.

It's a Chinese product and everyone should know that you have to compromise on some things. In terms of price performance, it far exceeds the original radios. If you have problems with installation or operation, you will find enough videos on YouTube to find help.

Otherwise, I don't regret the change and I'm very happy with the device. We can only hope that there will also be updates, which unfortunately were missing with my predecessor.

jetta 7 car radio

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