Pumpkin AA0703B - PX6 Android 11 car radio with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM

The latest Rockchip 3399 PX6 Android 11 car stereo with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM is smoother and faster when multitasking. The high quality radio IC NXP6686 can be comparable to the original car radio effect.

Supports 1s fast boot. After installation, this car radio only needs about 1 second to complete the boot process from the 2nd time onwards.

Special feature: the original retrofit sound package (active subwoofer in the wheel well, the sound is looped through to the speakers. Also works :-)

Installation: The installation went smoothly. Plug and Play 1x Media, 1x Power, 1xWLAN antenna, 1xGPS mouse. I just pushed both of them into the car, left and right.

Hotspot: Activate hotspot on smartphones and off you go.

Features: It's an Android 11 tablet, it's what you make of it. The topic of SmartHome control, voice recognition, video services etc. is going great.

Handsfree/Micro: Do ​​not pull on the additional microphone cable. The first telephone tests were good, in my opinion pulling a cable is not necessary. Still, it's good that the option exists.

View more details: https://www.autopumpkin.de/products/android-11-doppel-din-universal-autoradio-mit-navi?_pos=1&_sid=fad0330b8&_ss=r

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