Pumpkin 7 inch Android 11 car radio

About the CPU (Compare with PX30)
PX30 only has 2GB RAM/16GB ROM while the PX5 has up to 4GB RAM/64GB ROM
PX30 has a Mali G31 GPU that supports Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.2, while the PX5 supports OpenGL ES 3.0. with the older G6110 GPU.
PX5 supports 4K video playback, while PX30 does not have a built-in hardware decoder for 4K.

About the system
Android 11 is more stable and faster than Android 10 and personal data is safer

About the functions,
Android 11 car radio can also support the function like Android 10, like OBD2 DAB Carplay Camera etc.

If you like the Android 11 system, please read the details:


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