Pumpkin IPS Touch Screen Car Stereo AA0717B

Pumpkin AA0717B is a 10.1 inch Android 11 car stereo with 1280*720 resolution and powerful quad-core 3566 chip, equipped with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM storage. It is a high quality car multimedia device. It only takes 1 second to boot up (the device will have booted up by the time you buckle up and look in the rearview mirror to unpark).

Android Auto and Carplay
Android Auto and screen mirroring work fine. The sound quality is good, but I really need to upgrade my very old factory speakers.
If you just need an “install it and forget it” unit, this is a nice example. “Android Auto” and “Screen Mirroring” provide you with all the specialized applications you may need occasionally, but the device's own functionality is enough for you.

7-color key illumination
The car radio is equipped with touch buttons, the bootup logo and the backlighting of the buttons with a custom color!

Bluetooth connection
The Bluetooth connection is fast and stable and the external microphone offers decent quality calls. The length of the microphone cable is very helpful in choosing the right mounting location!

10.1 inch 1280*720 IPS touch screen
What is IPS?
With in-plane switching technology, liquid crystals aligned in parallel ensure rich colors. That's nothing special at first. What is special, however, is the way the crystals move. In contrast to the TN technology, which is to be replaced by IPS, the crystals move horizontally. This results in better viewing angles.
When it comes to color fidelity, IPS displays easily outperform models with TN and VA technology. Although the latest generation of VA screens deliver comparable results, professionals still swear by IPS screens.

Advantages of IPS screens
faster response times
larger viewing angle
nicer colors and contrasts than many TN and VA screens
excellent color accuracy and viewing angle stability

If you want to install it yourself, you will appreciate the detailed documentation that comes with the device. It is always very helpful to have a detailed schematic. The 4 included wiring harnesses and a special ISO connector for your car make cable connections a matter of seconds. Just be sure to choose the right wiring harness.

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