Pumpkin New Arrivals -- Android 10.0 Car Stereos

PUMPKIN New Arrivals - Android 10.0 Car Stereos

Pumpkin's recently launched car audio system is equipped with the latest Android 10.0 operating system, giving you a real upgrade to your in-car entertainment. You can still find all different models of car radios in our shop, such as Universal, VW, Ford, BMW, Opel, Benz car radios with installation sizes of 1 or 2-DIN and screen sizes from 7 inches to 10.1 inches.

In terms of core technology, Pumpkin offers four to eight core configuration standards as well as PX5, PX6, PX30 and MTK CPU configurations to meet your needs for high responsiveness and smooth control. Of course, there are storage options with different storage capacities.

All PUMPKIN Android 10.0 car stereos support online/offline navigation, RDS transmission, Bluetooth hands-free function, phone mirror connection and steering wheel control. With additional devices you can access the rear view camera, OBDII scanner, DAB +, Android Auto / Apple CarPlay (all these accessories can be found in the PUMPKIN online shop).

Pumpkin products meet the highest product standards and are subjected to rigorous testing. This guarantees your lasting quality and an excellent customer experience. We also offer 18 months warranty and professional technical support.

For further product information about Android 10.0 car radio, please click on: https://www.autopumpkin.de/collections/android-10-autoradio

Android 10.0 car radios with navigation Bluetooth

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