Is 2G+32G enough for car navigation?

Is 2G+32G enough for the car radio?

  • The memory of the car radio 2G + 32G is actually enough The size of the car navigation software on a car is only more than 100M. Software, or it does not take up too much storage space, otherwise it may freeze.
  • Although the 32G storage space certainly cannot accommodate the map data of all regions of the country, it is definitely not a problem to store the map data of the cities that the car owner often visits or stays at. 2G storage space is required.

How many kilometers can 1G be used for navigation?

  • In fact, car navigation does not depend on traffic. The navigation function is actually realized by the car GPS . In the case of no traffic and no internet connection, car navigation can still be used normally. It is only needed to check real-time traffic. When 1G traffic is used to check road conditions in real time during navigation, in terms of traffic, it is estimated that 1G traffic will not be available after driving more than 100,000 kilometers will be used up.
  • The key to the normal use of car navigation is neither the memory nor the traffic, but the car machine chip and the GPS mounted in the car. The car machine chip needs to calculate the best driving route through an algorithm and update the current location of the vehicle in real time according to the GPS positioning. As long as the car engine chip and car GPS are normal, car navigation can be used at any time.
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