How do I replace the car radio on a Ford Focus?

Are you tired of listening to cassette radio? Your smartphone is full of your favorite music files, but you don't have an SD or USB port on your car stereo, so you can't enjoy your car ride... that's why we created this content to help you, because in this article you will learn Find out more about how to install a car radio in a Ford Focus. To do this, we will first learn how to disassemble an old car radio, then how to install a car radio in a Ford Focus and finally how to connect it.

How to remove an old Ford car radio

Before you get serious about installing a car radio in your Ford Focus, you need to take out the audio devices that you currently have in your car. There are two cases: either you have an origin host or you have a universal group. Be sure to remove the negative battery cable before beginning disassembly to avoid the risk of short circuit or electric shock. Once you have done this, there are two options depending on the stereo installed in your Ford Focus:

1. Remove the original car radio
In this case persistence is required and in most cases it is simply removed using the clips that pull out the 4 holes in the corners of the car radio. However, for some model years, this procedure is not enough to remove the old car radio from your Ford Focus. In fact, you have to remove some car parts from the center console to access the car radio itself. To do this, you need to use a screwdriver to remove the blocking plastic cover. After accessing the workstation, ensure that all connections are disconnected.

2. Remove the car radio
In this case the process is less difficult, just use the extraction forceps and press the 4 corners of the workstation to remove it. Once you have done this, disconnect it and remove the metal frame that supports it in the center console groove. That's it, you have dismantled your old car radio, you just have to install the new one!

How to install a car radio in your Ford Focus?

First, attach the metal frame that came with your new car stereo. The frame holds the car radio on the Ford Focus. Once in place, be sure to press the locking tabs on both sides of the frame. After this step, you need to connect the three sockets of the car radio, the two ISO connectors for power and sound to the Ford Focus speakers and the radio antenna socket. For the latter, on some models you may need an adapter to convert it from male to female so that it fits into the socket of the new radio. In the end you just have to push

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