AA0714B - Customer review of Opel Corsa car radio

Install a Pumpkin car radio on Opel Corsa to replace your original minimum standard radio, then you can use radio, CD, MP3, USB, NAVI.

Especially if you want to make hands-free calls in the car without having to buy a separate device. With the Pumpkin Radio I basically killed several birds with one stone. In my opinion, the visual improvement alone is enormous.

Installation & Connection
In short: it couldn't be easier. Pumpkin offers car stereo that is plug and play. Just pull out the radio with the included holder, unplug it, then attach the included adapter, plug it in and push the radio back in - done
The only difficulty is connecting the new radio as a final step. The power cable and especially the Canbus module adapts the radio to the bus structure of the Corsa to save space. When plugging in the radio, make sure that all cables and sockets have space in the dashboard and that nothing gets caught. So you have to organize the cables so that they fit perfectly

I'm thrilled here too. We've retained the original Corsa speakers, so don't expect miracles here. But the radio offers more than just a useful graphic equalizer. With a simple smiley setting (increase bass, increase treble) the sound could be adjusted so that the poor, small original speakers sounded really rich and brilliant. As I said - if you have high demands on car hi-fi, you have to do it differently, but I still find it remarkable what can be achieved from Corsa's original speaker system.

I think it's very good that the device still has a few haptic controls. One of them is the on/off switch, which is also a volume control and mute switch. You just need to be able to access and operate these functions blindly. Otherwise, almost everything can be controlled via the touch display. The user interface and operating menus are absolutely self-explanatory. A look at the user manual was only necessary to find out the password for the configuration menu of the home screen logo. I was able to use everything else immediately because the system is structured intuitively throughout. Example: On all the older radios I've had, you stored a radio station by simply pressing the desired store button for a few seconds. It works the same way here.

GPS navigation
I can't say much about that yet, as we've only tested the navigation system so far but haven't used it more often. But the first impression so far is very good. In any case, the operation of the navigation software seems to be just as intuitive as the rest. Of course, you have to put in some effort to lay the cable for the GPS antenna neatly, but it's worth it.


Pairing the cell phone works great, as does synchronizing the cell phone phone book.
However, dialing a contact only seems to work via the touch display, which is easy but too distracting while driving. I contact customer service, they suggest buying an additional pumpkin carplay box then you will enjoy voice commands

USB/SD card slot

There are several ways to connect external storage media (e.g. with MP3 files) to this radio. At the bottom left of the front panel there is a mini-USB port behind a flap (with the short adapter cable supplied, for example for connecting USB sticks). Next to the port there is a slot for a micro SD card. Personally, I like this option to add your own music. If the ID3 tags of the tracks are well maintained, you will also get all the information from the radio

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