Inexpensive Pumpkin Android 10 car radio

It's a nice and convenient device, with a few features that I would like. It has insanely fast startup time, better and easy to work.

The installation process of the radio is also very simple and successful. Some minor problems can be solved in Youtube.

But I want a widget to turn on the rear camera without being the other way around. So I do the following:

1. GPS with voice assistance using Google Maps works well.

2. Google browser with voice support works well.

3. Hot Spot with iPhone works well. (I can download, I can mirror, I can browse with Chrome + Google.)

4. FM/AM works well.

5. OBDII works via BT with Torque App.

6. TMPS works via USB.

7. Both reversing and parking signals work when the rear camera is turned on.

Pumpkin 2 Din Android 10 Car Radio

I'm still getting to know the product and may update it later when I have more experience with this P umpkin 2 Din Android 10 Car Radio with Navi Bluetooth Supports Rear View Camera DAB + Android Auto CarPlay(PX6.4+64G) .

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