What is MirrorLink?

For those who want to enjoy the best features of your phone with the head unit, you must pay attention to the MirrorLink feature that head units offer. With MirrorLink you can easily transfer the application of your phones to the car dashboard. With MirrorLink you can “mirror” everything that is on your smartphone onto the display of your main device. Regardless of movies or cards, all of this can be achieved with screen mirroring.

Our car radios use a MirrorLink application called "EasyConnection". It is a driving assistant. This app integrates navigation, music, phone and other driving functions. You can also add your favorite applications to this app. By connecting the EasyConnection app in the navigator, the mobile phone screen can be projected onto the navigator screen and operated on the navigator screen. Any application can be created for use with MirrorLink, however not all applications should be used while driving. For example, you should not play games or watch a movie while driving.

How the screen mirrors the phone to the car radio? It's easy. Simply open the EasyConnection application on both your main device and your phone. Then select the desired connection type for your car radio. Once connected, the apps will run on your smartphone and appear on the car radio monitor.

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